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APRIL 01-11, 2020




Distinguished artists and scholars,

As Gaziantep University Faculty of Fine Arts, we will be glad to see you among us and to get your research, studies and knowledge at the 1st International Art Symposium on April 09-11, 2020 with the theme of “Time, Memory and Perception.

Gaziantep is known to have been inhabited since the Palaeolithic period and is an economically and culturally developed city due to its location on Silk Road.  Gaziantep, which was under Babylon rule when it was first founded, then passed into the hands of the Hittites and it was respectively ruled by Egypt, Medes, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonia, Seleucid and Comagene. In addition, Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk periods were experienced in this region. Having been home to many large and small civilizations, Gaziantep gained an important place in the Ottoman city culture after taken over by Ottomans in 1516. As stated by Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Gaziantep was a source of inspiration to the establishment of Turkish Republic with its heroism, and as a result of this, took the title of Ghazi and maintained this feature until today.  

Since its establishment in 2009, as Gaziantep Faculty of Fine Arts, we have aimed to educate well-equipped, sharing, researcher, and authentic artists and designers who can represent our country, the cradle of civilizations, both in the city and in the cultural and artistic fields with ethical and aesthetic values, and can comprehend all the fields of art and design in an interdisciplinary perspective, with the awareness of the cultural richness that we are on.

In this symposium that we organize to develop our aims, we want to bring many art people and shareholder together with the artworks about Art and Society Relationship, Art and Nature / Environment Relationship, Art and Technology Relationship, Art and Science Relationship and New Quests in Art as well as the basic disciplines and fields of art.

Artists, scientists, researchers, experts, students and all stakeholders of the art and interested audience can participate in the symposium. By organizing a group exhibition at an international level at the symposium, we want to exhibit the works of our esteemed artists together and comprehensively. We invite artists who want to take part in this exhibition to the symposium with their works.

You can find detailed information about the symposium on our faculty and symposium website. I would like to thank you in advance for organizing and concluding this symposium, and conveying the valuable outputs and works to many art people, scientists and art lovers, and repeat my invitation to the city of culture and art, Gaziantep.




Prof. Zuhal Arda

Dean of Gaziantep University Faculty of Fine Arts



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